Big Cities Casino

neon lights in las vegas

Today, a small tour of the world’s most beautiful casinos, from the most famous to the least known, these destinations are a gambler’s paradise.

The indisputable: Las Vegas

When you think of gambling, you immediately think of Las Vegas, the gambling capital par excellence, one of the world’s leading tourist destinations. Whether you go there to gamble or not, you can’t avoid its casinos! You sleep there, you eat there, and you see nothing else!

You have to go through a maze of slot machines, each one more different than the other before you can reach your room; and that’s what we love about Vegas. Its exuberance, its luxury, the rivalry between each casino makes it more and more eye-catching. The casinos of Vegas are like museums that you visit one after the other, amazed, and subjugated!

The Young: Macau

Macau and its gambling city have gradually emerged in the 2000s and have seen its reputation grow over the years. Trying to compete with the big Vegas, the city of Macau sees even bigger since it is here that was built the biggest Casino of the world “The Venetian”, copy of its elder with the same name present in Las Vegas, “The Venetian” Macau and it’s 980 000 square meters counts 39 floors and thus joins the classification of the biggest buildings of the world.

The experts are sure that Macau is about to dethrone the great Vegas… in the world of brick and mortar casinos, of course. These days, it’s the online casinos that rule the betting world. And the list of web casinos is growing daily!

The discreet one: London

Less known for its casinos than for its red buses, London is nevertheless one of the biggest gambling capitals in Europe, with more than twenty casinos. Although there are many casinos open to the general public, most of the London casinos have a very “British”, chic and aristocratic feel to them, and are private! These are posh gambling circles where membership cards are compulsory.

The luxurious: Monte-Carlo

Here is the most prestigious casino in Europe! The Monte-Carlo Casino, located in the centre of the rock, represents luxury par excellence with its belle époque style architecture. This casino was created in the 1850s. In order to generate financial resources for the principality, Prince Charles III of Monaco authorised its opening and made it a very popular place. Since then, many directors have chosen this mythical location for the shooting of their films, including some James Bond films and more recently Fast & Furious 5. All of these destinations remain favourite spots for gambling lovers, although the advent of the internet has led to strong competition from numerous online gambling sites.