Île d'Orléans

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Jean-David et Anne-Laure

Île d'Orléans is recognized as being the single most important district in Quebec due to it's fertile soil and rich architectural treasures. Located just 5km down river from Quebec City, Île d'Orléans is home to over 7,000 people who to this day, retain the island's traditional rural way of life.

Île d'Orléans is a popular destination for tourists looking to escape modern cities and enjoy the serenity of the islands rich historical culture and St. Lawrence region scenery. The island is a popular tourist destination for day trips and cyclists as well as those looking to purchase high quality locally grown fruits, vegetables, and meats.

Île d'Orléans can be reached from the mainland by ferry from St. Michel and Quebec City or by the bridge from Quebec City.

Location (Approximate): 
Île d'Orléans, QC
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