Black Creek Pioneer Village

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John Griffiths

Black Creek Pioneer Village was opened in 1960 by the Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority as a living tribute to the Toronto area’s pioneering roots, Black Creek Pioneer Village boasts a telling history of its own.

Four decades ago, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority created a small agricultural community at Toronto’s northern edge that honours the ways of our early settlers. Today, Black Creek Pioneer Village offers you a fascinating journey into the past – into the way people lived before cars, digital technology and the dominance of urban culture separated them from the land.

Black Creek is a working village, typical of those established in south central Ontario between the 1790s and the 1860s. At Black Creek you are invited to escape the modern world, and experience Ontario’s rich rural heritage.

Today many of the buildings are staffed with costumed interpreters who help guide visitors through history. Many visitors remark that the moment they step onto the boardwalk they feel like they are stepping back in time. Maybe it’s the ring of the blacksmith’s anvil, the soft clop of a Clydesdale’s hooves, the combination of wood smoke, freshly baked bread and apple cider in the air, or the friendly ‘hello’ from the storekeeper - whatever the charm, the magic of the past is still alive at Black Creek Pioneer Village.

Location (Approximate): 
1000 Murray Ross Parkway
Toronto, ON
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