Borers Falls

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Tom Flemming

This classical, 15-metre waterfall, also known as Rock Chapel Falls, can be accessed from both the Hamilton Conservation Authority’s Borer’s Falls Conservation Area (base of the falls) and the Royal Botanical Garden’s Rock Chapel Sanctuary (top of the falls). This waterfall powered the Rock Chapel village sawmill, run by the Borer family, for more than 100 years. Land clearing in the area eventually altered the creek’s flow to such a degree that it could no longer provide sufficient energy, so the family switched to steam to power the mill.

Borer’s Falls Conservation Area features informal trails and a wide variety of plants and animals, including large stands of lilacs. The Borer’s Creek bridge offers a stunning view of the gorge.

For access to top - Take QEW west to Hwy 403. Follow Hwy 403 to Hwy 6 and go north. Turn left on to Hwy 5 (Dundas Street) and then turn left on to Rock Chapel Road. Stay on this road for a few kilometers. It will take a sharp left turn and you will be able to see the creek on your left. The parking lot for Rock Chapel will be on your left in a few hundred meters. For access to base - Take QEW west to Hwy 403. Follow Hwy 403 to Hwy 6 and go north. Turn left onto York Road. Watch for “Conservation Area” signs. Parking for Borer’s Falls Conservation Area will be on your left.

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87 Hopkins Ct,
Dundas, ON
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