Bovaird House


The Bovaird House was built by Mr. Peter Chisholm Sr. in 1852 and is an excellent example of a Canadian-Georgian style farm house. In 1929, the house and surrounding area was purchased by James Bovaird to be used for the breeding of thoroughbred horses. Eventually, the house was passed down to James' son, William, who also raised horses and lived in the house wife.

In 1973, the area surrounding the home shifted from rural farms into a massive urban development known as North West Brampton. William Bovaird and his wife decided that they would eventually donate the home to the City of Brampton as a historic landmark.

In 1985, William's widow Mossie Bovaird sold the house and surrounding property to the City of Brampton for just two dollars to be kept as a historic reminder of life in Brampton during early 1900s. Since then, the home has had extensive restoration and decoration to bring it back to the 1850-1900 era using a large collection of period artifacts, furnishings, artwork, and memorabilia. Tip: For those who believe in the supernatural, the home is also said to be haunted. To discover the entire story, visit the web site listed below and read up on the "Haunted Child's Crib".

Location (Approximate): 
563 Bovaird Drive
Brampton, ON
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