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Have we got a secret spot to tell you about. Before we begin, you must understand that this location, although public, is surrounded by private property and smack dab in the middle of a residential community. Every effort should be taken to ensure that you do not impact or inconvenience the residents in this area because failure to do so could cause the removal this great hiking and scenic day trip.

The town of Caledon sits in what is considered the Niagara Escarpment Region. The largely forested corridor which defines the Escarpment is 725 km in length and is the most prominent topographical feature of southern Ontario. In February 1990, the Niagara Escarpment was designated a World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It is one of only 12 biospheres in the world!

The section described in this day trip, Caledon Mountain is a well known spot to experience the beauty of the escarpment however it's location is usually only known by locals who have grown up in this area or surrounding regions. Follow the map below to reach the entry point. It's off a residential street named "Caledon Mountain Drive" which is found off Mississauga Road. Follow the street past several unique homes to a fence with a "Private Property" sign. There is usually parking along this fence on the side of the road. Proceed through the brush that follows the fence line to the left for about 200ft. At this point, you will see a chain/rope handrail and a set of very steep stairs. The view from this point is fantastic as you are at the top of Caledon Mountain. Begin your safe decent down the stairs and then enjoy some of the most fabulous hiking areas and scenery you have ever witnessed.

This area is owned and maintained by the Bruce Trail conservation group and is clearly marked and well maintained. Although this area is designed for public use, please be aware that it is bordered by private property so please follow all signs and trail markings. This hike can be very grueling so please hike within your limits and be aware of your surroundings. I recommend anyone attempting this hike to have proper footwear, bug repellant, a cell phone, and at least a partner.

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Caledon Mountain Road
Belfountain, ON
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