Felkers Falls

Photo Credit: 
John Vetterli

Felker’s Falls is a 22-metre ribbon waterfall located in the Felker’s Falls Conservation Area, a beautiful spot steps away from an urban environment. Since the waterfall is located in a subdivision, visitors must observe care and respect for private property. This escarpment area is forested and features trails, scenic vantage points and the Peter Street Trail, a wheelchair accessible loop trail which travels through the conservation area.

Felker’s, like many escarpment river channels, has an upper and lower gorge. The upper gorge eroded to rapids while the lower gorge developed a waterfall due to its composition of a layer of hard limestone over softer rock. These layers are repeated near the base of the falls, creating another small waterfall.

Exit the QEW on Centennial Parkway and go south, you will be heading up the escarpment. Turn right onto Mud St, and then turn right again at Paramount Dr. From Paramount Drive, turn right on to Ackland Street, follow the street around the curve and you will find the parking lot. The waterfall is located across the field, behind the wooden fence.

Location (Approximate): 
43 Ackland St
Hamilton, ON
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