Pan for Gold at Claim #6

Photo Credit: 
Mark Wilson
What better way to experience Yukon then to pan for gold in the creek that launched the biggest gold rush the world has ever known. Registered October 1896, Claim #6 is 18km from downtown Dawson City and about half a mile upstream from the famous discovery claim that prompted the Klondike gold rush. This historic claim is now maintained by the Klondike Visitors’ Association. The association welcomes anyone who wants to experience gold panning first hand to try it out at no cost and the best part is that any gold you find, you can keep! If you don’t have your own gold pan, you can rent one or get panning lessons at Guggieville, Gold Bottom Tours, or at Claim 33. Please remember, panning is restricted to hand tools, which means only gold pans and shovels. There is still gold to be found here and all you need is a little bit patience and a whole lot of luck. Have fun!
Location (Approximate): 
Upper Bonanza Creek Rd
Dawson, YT
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