Point Pelee National Park

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Point Pelee National Park in Canada’s Deep South is famous for the monarch butterfly migration plus wildlife and vegetation not found anywhere else in Canada. Point Pelee is one of Canada's smallest national parks, but still attracts nearly 400 000 visitors each year. Point Pelee Park is a 20 square kilometer landscape with an unique blend of vegetation in the marshes, jungle-like Carolinian forest, Savannah grasslands and unpredictable beachfront, supporting a complexity of wildlife. This park is popular amongst bird watchers. Over 360 bird species have been recorded in the park, making it popular amongst bird watchers. While visiting Point Pelee there are several things to see and do. You can observe marsh life up close on the Marsh Boardwalk. Canoes are available for rent for those visitors who wish to explore the numerous waterways cut out through the tall reeds. You can go Hiking, Biking, and Cross Country Skiing. There are numerous beaches along the west side of the Point with parking facilities. You can visit the Interpretation Centre where there are exhibits that display birds, insects and flora that are unique to the park. That Centre is the hub of the Point where visitors can find maps and information about the Park. It is recommended to go there first. Point Pelee is renowned as Canada’s finest bird and Butterfly watching.
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407 Monarch Lane
Leamington, ON
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