Tews Falls

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Logie’s Creek tumbles 41 metres over the escarpment to form Tews Falls, just a few metres less in height than Niagara Falls. Though the flow of Logie’s is substantially less that the main branch of Spencer Creek, the sheer height of the falls is what makes it such a stunning sight. There are two platforms just off the Bruce Trail that allow visitors to get a spectacular view of the falls and gorge below. Side trails in the area also offer access to Dundas Peak and the historical Crooks Hollow Conservation Area.

Most of the present gorge at Spencer Gorge/Webster’s Falls was carved out by the predecessor to Spencer Creek about 10,000 years ago when the creek’s water volume was much greater and stream erosion consequently much more active. The various rock layers embedding the escarpment can be seen in the walls of the gorge. These layers are deposits of mud, silt, and muck from the floors of primeval seas that covered portions of this continent. Fossilized remains of various aquatic plants and animals can be found in rocks in the area.

Take Highway 8 from Dundas. Turn right on Brock Road and right again at the flashing light onto Harvest Road. Access to Tews is just off Harvest.

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577 Harvest Rd
Dundas, ON
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