Westfield Heritage Village

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Frank Hilzerman

Westfield Heritage Village in Rockton, Ontario is a living history museum showcasing over 35 historic buildings and spanning 325 acres. The very nature of the this historic villages layout makes it a fascinating and exciting trip for all ages. Some of the buildings to visit include:

The Blacksmith Shop: Originally constructed in 1853, the Blacksmith Shop provides insight into the important blacksmith trade during the 1800s including displays of the tools required to do the work.

The Edmundson House: A timber framed house built by William Edmundson around 1827.

The Marr Shop: A small building originally built in Ancaster that features demonstrations of spinning and weaving using antique spinning wheels and looms.

Seth Fothergill's Print Shop: The print shop showcase piece is a 1863 Washington Flat Bed Press which was once used to publish a village's weekly newspaper. The press was operated by steam and would require at least three men to run it.

The Misener House: Once owned by the Misener family, this house built in 1832 offers a prime example of the typical popular home design during the period including a large kitchen and small parlor.

Albrecht Seip Boot & Harness Shop: This shop was once the store that supplied farmers and other members of the village with carriage and horse supplies which were esential for both farming and transportation in the area.

Bamberger House: Moved from Hamilton's west end in 1993, the Bamberger House is Hamilton's oldest surviving building and was built in 1820 by Samuel Bamberger. The two story log cabin represents a typical early 1800s upper-middle class homestead.

Native Log Chapel: The oldest surviving log church in Ontario, the Native Log Chapl at Westfield Village was used by members of the Six Nations Reserve until 1854.

Historic Trading Post: The historic trading post shows many of the items stocked in a traditional trading post including traps, blankets, barrels, stoneware crocks and snow shoes. Trading posts were very important to small towns and villages.

T. H.& B. 103 Locomotive: A class "G" steam locomotive built in Montreal for the Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway, this locomotive is only one of two of it's type preserved.

Jerseyville Railway Station: The Jerseyville Station was built in 1896 when ten trains a day ran between Hamilton and Brantford. This train station was featured during the filming of the movie "Anne of Green Gables" and the television series "Road To Avonlea".

D'Aubigny's Inn: Built in 1820, this inn was once the local watering hole for travelers between Brantford and London. A typical regency period inn, the main room was designed for the men and the back section (referred to as the ladies room) was where women were directed.

Carriage Barn: This barn houses a collection of 19th century horse drawn vehicles such as sleighs, cutters, and a mail cart.

In addition to the above, the Westfield Heritage Village features an additional 12 historic buildings. This is one of the most unique and educational historic sites in the area and is well worth the visit.

Location (Approximate): 
1049 Kirkwall Road
Rockton, ON
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